In order to provide a better and more comprehensive service to our clients, we also offer small-scale assembly operations. They are usually restricted to one or two manual operations and can include a wide variety of processes:

  • Assembly of multi-component articles;
  • Embedding of other elements: metal inserts linings, etc.;
  • Application of various identification stickers, attachment strips, etc.;
  • Manufacturing of gear and equipment for assembly operations;
  • Automated assembly with robot.

In some cases, Philplast can create solutions for automated assembly of parts by a robot, if the annual quantities for a certain project are big enough. The first robot of this kind was implemented in 2021, and is used to place plastic articles on adhesive sheets.

ISO 9001:2015

Philplast is certified in ISO 9001 since 2007. Our current certificate is valid until April 2022.


Machine Park

For detailed list of our machines and their capabilities, please see our Machine Park.