Robot for injection moulding machines

In order to further improve and automate the work of the Injection Moulding Department, we have equipped some machines with the Primus 16T robot by Wittmann Battenfeld. The robot will serve not just to sort and package articles, but will also help the production of articles with special requirements, such as:

  • Large mirrored surfaces, which tend to get scratched if the products are directly ejected on the transport line;
  • Large intersection of the gate that may require cutting the sprue off the article;
  • Special requirements for taking the article out of the mould without ejector marks.

The robot can be used for machines with a clamping force between 130 and 200 tons. For full information about the injection moulding machine park at Philplast, click here.

ISO 9001:2015

Philplast is certified in ISO 9001 since 2007. Our current certificate is valid until April 2022.


Machine Park

For detailed list of our machines and their capabilities, please see our Machine Park.