Philplast celebrates 25th anniversary

In 2018 Philplast celebrates it’s 25th anniversary!

In 1993, the company began production of plastic bottles with one extrusion blow molding machine. Soon afterwards the team of engineers successfully designed and produced a new extrusion blow molding machine, which marks the beginning of our machine unit.

Injection molding started in 1996, initially focused on the production of bottle caps. Later on the unit begins production of technical articles with high quality standards, which remain its focus until today.

The company first becomes a supplier for the automotive industry in 2008, when it successfully passes the audit and begins production of specialized articles for Continental. Currently, production for the automotive industry makes up aroung 50% of the overall company turnover.

Philplast would like to thank its partners and employees for their support in the development of the company throughout the years. With the dedication of all who work with us, we hope to continue on growing and improving for many years to come.

ISO 9001:2015

Philplast is certified in ISO 9001 since 2007. Our current certificate is valid until April 2022.


Machine Park

For detailed list of our machines and their capabilities, please see our Machine Park.