Products & Services

At Philplast we produce a wide variety of plastic products for use in multiple industries. Our two main divisions are focused on plastic bottles produced through extrusion blow molding, and plastic components produced through injection molding. Our tooling department designs, produces, maintains and repairs our molds, as well as producing and maintaining our entire extrusion blow molding machine park. This comprehensive know-how gives us a thorough understanding of the production process as a whole, enabling us to have better and more consistent quality, faster problem-solving and leaner processes.

Our plastic article production is also complemented by a limited assembly workforce, aiming to aid and simplify our clients' processes. We do single step or two step assembly of plastic components with various metal parts, magnets, seals, adhesive parts and others. Through sub-suppliers we also offer additional services like printing and varnishing. 


ISO 9001:2015

Philplast is certified in ISO 9001 since 2007. Our current certificate is valid until April 2022.


Machine Park

For detailed list of our machines and their capabilities, please see our Machine Park.