P L A S T I C     A R T I C L E S

Injection Moulding

Philplast can produce a wide variety of plastic items using the technologies of injection moulding:
  • Technical articles
  • Caps
  • Various plastic elements
Our products have numerous applications in multiple areas of production such as: home appliances, automotive, electronics, cosmetics, detergents, etc.

In the creation of injection-molded articles we use a wide variety of plastic materials: ABS, PA, PC, PS, POM, TPV, TPE, PP, PE, as well as reinforced plastics (glass or mineral filled) . All materials are sourced from established and reliable suppliers from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Great Britain.

The size of our injection-moulded articles can weigh up to 1000gr with a clamping force of the machine from 50 to 200 tons.


Philplast also offers a complete set of services that help in the creation of the plastic products and their upkeep.
  • Design: a client can come in with an official design, a drawing or an idea of how their product should look, and we can produce a design, 3D model and a “Rapid Prototype”, based on which the actual product can be created. Our skilled team of designers uses “Solid Edge” and “NX CAM” software.
  • Tooling: the majority of plastic articles produced in Philplast are made using moulds made in our integrated in-house tooling department.
  • Servicing and repairs: at Philplast we follow strict servicing procedures for the moulds used in our production. Every 10,000 to 50,000 usage cycles we deconstruct and oil the mould and change standard elements if they are worn out or broken. Repairs can also be conducted if necessary on all equipment that has been accompanied by the required documentation.
  • Assembly: we also offer assembly of complex products with various elements.