P L A S T I C     A R T I C L E S


New 3D measuring machine provides Philplast improved quality control features

Philplast upgrades the quality control of molds and plastic articles with the introduction of a new tactile 3D measuring maching by DEA Global.

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5-axis CNC milling machine

Philplast continues to expand its tooling facility with new equipment. The company added to its machine park a new 5-axis CNC milling machine by Haas.

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Philplast increses its production capabilities with two new injection-molding machines
The company added two Krauss Maffei machines to its injection molding facility, with clamping force of 50 and 80 tons.  More ...
New Motan feeding equipment for three blow-molding machines
Philplast added equipment for raw material feeding of three extrusion blow-molding machines.  More ...